Gloo's BuddyBoss kit for Elementor is here

Gloo's mission to bring more Elementor support to 3rd party Plugins really shines in its BuddyBoss and BuddyPress kit.

BuddyBoss ( is the premier solution for creating social networks and communities for WordPress ( Our BuddyBoss and BuddyPress ( Kits allows usage of BuddyBoss data within Elementor ( like never before possible.

No more worrying about interconnectivity between your favorite tools. With Gloo, BuddyBoss works seamlessly within Elementor.

Bring the powerful Gloo Dynamic Tags into BuddyBoss with the BuddyBoss Dynamic Tag Kit.

Part of the BuddyBoss and BuddyPress setup is profile types and profile fields, which allows a variety of available field types including repeaters and single data field types. This data is stored on a different database table and therefore not available to any Dynamic Tag. Until now. We created a set of Dynamic Tags especially for Buddyboss and Buddypress users with a solution tailored for JetEngine users as well.

These dynamic tags will allow you to retrieve repeaters and multiple values arrays and even get specific values from within those arrays.

The Buddyboss kit also supports BuddyPress and will allow you to dynamically fetch information like: user types, x-profile fields, membership statuses, Group Leave and Join URLs to display according to membership status, and much more. Discover more about this collection of Dynamic Tags here (

BuddyPress' activity stream.

BuddyPress has a feature called Activity Stream that logs every activity that occurs on the website where it is installed. The most common activities documented through the Activity Stream include blog postings, new friendships, and blog comments. Users will be able to browse through all of their friends' actions to see what's going on with your website.

With Activities Dynamic Tag you can easily display the Activity Stream wherever you need it, be it a user’s feed or anywhere else you may want to showcase such a useful feature. Discover more about the Activities Dynamic Tag here (

There's plenty more features in this Gloo kit for BuddyBoss and BuddyPress, like Dynamic Visibility and JetSmartFilters ( addons, more Dynamic Tags like Communities and Groups Dynamic Tags, and much more to fit all your needs when using these two plugins together with Elementor. Discover them all here (

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